In many ways, electronic technology has made our lives much easier. With the invention of cell phones and the internet, it is much easier to communicate with others and share information. Unfortunately, however, electronic technology has also complicated our lives as well. One aspect of life that electronic technology has complicated is dating. Since this technology has been available, there are new rules when it comes to dating.

#1 Turn Off Dating Profiles

If you met your date on Grindr, or any other dating website for gay men, it is a good idea to turn your profile off before the date. There is nothing worse than hearing the little “pop” sound, alerting you of a message or a match while you are on your date.

#2 Avoid the “Check In” On Facebook

When you are on a date, it should be a romantic evening. If you check in on Facebook during your romantic date, it becomes public, letting thousands of people know what you are up to. This takes some of the romance out of the evening.

#3 Wait Before Friending Your Date On Facebook

When you first meet someone and set up your first date, you may be tempted to check them out on Facebook. You may want to see who their friends are, what types of status they post, and their pictures. This is fine, however, you should not send your date a friend request right away. It is a good idea to get to know them first to do this. If things do not work out, you will have to deal with the awkward question of whether you should unfriend them or not.

#4 Don’t Get Insulted If he Uses his Phone

With the invention of the cell phone, people can reach us wherever we are. While you may think that your date is being rude if he is answering his phone or text messages, he may not be. He may be answering important work calls or emails. Maybe he is responding to a text from a family member. The worst thing that you can do is ruin a good thing by getting angry if your date takes calls while you are out.

#5 “You Are So Hot”

If you meet a guy online, and all he keeps telling you is how hot you are, and how he’s sure that you are the guy for him, there is a good chance that he actually isn’t. Most guys who have nothing but compliments to say, will typically have not much to offer.

#6 Learn to Let Him Go

Online dating offers you a great deal of options when it comes to meeting single men. While you have several options, so do the other men on the site. If you start chatting with a guy, and suddenly the chatting stops, do not take it personally. Chances are you were not exactly what the guy was looking for. He may have met someone else on the site who is more perfect for him than you were. Do not take it as a rejection. Take it as a chance to find the person who is truly right for you.

Electronic technology has changed the rules of dating forever. As long as you understand these new rules, you should be able to avoid making a fool of yourself, and avoid awkward moments.

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