If you are new to acceptance of your homosexuality, stepping into gay dating waters can be just as intimidating as for a young pubescent asking an Alice in Wonderland for a date. Shake that intimidation off. Concentrate on all of your good qualities and get out there and put them on display!


Make yourself available at functions that appeal to both straight and gay men, not homosexual drag pits. Become a member of your public library’s reading groups (yes, you read that correctly), attend concerts, shows, comedy performances and your own hobby related events, with or without a companion.


Follow these set dos and don’ts for meeting, engaging in conversation, flirting and dating:


  1. Look your target man in the eye; hold that attentiveness for the entire conversation. Should you look away for a moment, return to looking into his eyes with interest.
  2. Interject smiles into this initial conversation, and attempt to steer the conversation into what this new man is all about in career, tastes, enjoyment and personality. Remember to keep it smooth, as this is not a pickup in a gay bar, because you want better.
  3. While investigating this new acquaintance’s character and personality, divulge a few interesting morsels of your own life, but do not turn this into a resume.
  4. Renew everything you ever knew about flirting, because straights do not have a monopoly on its benefits. Acceptable public flirting includes smiling with a twinkle or wink, complimenting him on his clothing or haircut, and determining if he is in a relationship at present.
  5. A touch on the arm or shoulder intimately that lingers only a second will convey you are interested in him; his response should be easily read as well.


  1. Withhold any cursing or vulgarity; rememberyour social behavior.
  2. Abstain from embroidering or enlarging any achievements in an attempt to impress.
  3. Do not cover your mouth with your hands, nor flit your gaze around the room.
  4. Do not be overly loud and gregarious unless that is your normal personality. A person can be put off in an initial meeting by these traits. He doesn’t love you yet.
  5. Don’t attempt to sway his judgment or preferences to your own different views. A discussion is interesting but an ultimatum is offensive.

The pathway to success should be open to you so that you know his interests and if they include you. Ask him for a date to a mutually enjoyable event now, if he has not already asked you.

Serious Relationship Sites Now Open to Gays

Various match making sites have opened their doors to include LGBM members, beginning in the mid-2000s. One went so far as to create a separate site for those members. That very methodical and well channeled compatibility match making site reviews your acceptance into their membership, and does not match you according to your Wish List. Instead, they match you up with the person or persons who would be most likely to have a successful long term relationship with you.

Long term Relationship uccess is available and you can have it!

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