A long distance relationship comes with its own issues. The good news becomes you get to be especially creative since physically you cannot touch. Intimacy starts in the mind and later culminates in physical activity of the sensual kind. If a long distance relationship is what you are seeking here is a top 10 list of suggestions to help make that spark burst into a raging fire that water cannot put out nor flood drown.

10. Only one true love exists for you and that long distance partner is the one. Soul mates demand the ultimate devotion even when they are not present. Like good soldiers doing their duty in faraway places do your love duty with words and pictures. Send countless Peter Paul Ruben paintings dripping with nakedness and invite them to your personal museum. The mind creates what it needs to satisfy inner desires.

9. Once committed you do not contemplate ideas of cheating. The significant other haunts your thoughts, whispers in your ear, and offers endless hours of entertainment by replaying past events, or creating what is to come. Metaphorical poetry speaks to the heart of the matter.

8. You love to travel. Having a long distance relationship means at some point you have to take a trip. Contemplating where you will meet and what mood you will create makes arousal exquisitely delightful.

7. You have an independent spirit and desire adventure. A long distance romance comes with many surprises. The brain loves surprises and craves more so it goes into a state of arousal that can lead to guilty pleasures.

6. Long distance relationships take more time in developing since communication becomes verbal or written. You have to have a fairly free life. Few dependents or people who need you at a consistent time.

5. You have developed creative expressions that soothe as much as genitals bumping together. So much of sex comes as communication. Knowing when to send a pic, give a kind word, and to listen can create intimacy.

4. You know how to do simultaneous things together. Watch the same movie in two different places, eat the same meal.

3. Play a game together. Many platforms exist where you can play fantasy roles in cyberspace. Interaction in real time even with avatars creates bonding experiences.

2. Phone sex goddess/god you are. Intimate language comes as a matter of trust. Telling your healthiest most erotic fantasy detail by engorging sweaty detail gives your honey a physical response. Language dancing comes as close as it gets.

1. A Friday night date together while physically apart. Buy the pizza and soda. Pick your favorite spot. Take your smart phone and turn on the speaker. Dance, flirt, touch, kiss and cuddle in real time.


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