Certain cities make it easier to find someone from another race.

For those interested in meeting that special someone from another ethnic group, here are the top five cities for interracial dating. Have fun!

5. Seattle

This city has a very progressive outlook. In addition, since almost everyone is a transplant, the social environment is open to almost anything. Seattle has no real status quo. For daters, this means a wide-open scene with few “hang ups” over race or social class.

Also, most of the clubs have a very diverse clientele, largely because of the college and military presences in the area.

4. Cartagena, Colombia

Colombians of all shades reside in this Caribbean city. The easy, relaxed environment is perfect for a mixed-race couple. No one gives a second glance to such arrangements in this multiracial city.

A good time to visit Cartagena is November during Independence Week. All of Colombia turns its attention to Cartagena and anyone waiting to enjoy an extremely diverse dating pool will be in heaven.

3. Miami, Florida

Miami is America’s new melting pot city. Lots of immigrants from Latin America make Miami a good place for anyone looking to date a Latino/Latina. Furthermore, the Latino group is diverse in-and-of itself, creating even more variety.

Hang out in South Beach to meet men and women from different parts of the Western Hemisphere. There are lots of Cubans, Brazilians, Central Americans and Colombians in this upscale beach neighborhood.

2. Paris

American soldiers fell in love with Paris during the World Wars. Their tales of meeting beautiful French women are the stuff of legend. Not to be outdone, the Parisian men have a deserved reputation for dressing nicely and talking smoothly.

As for cultural diversity, Paris has always been a center of immigration. Today, the city has large populations of Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners to complement the European majority.

All one has to do is spend some time sitting in a cafe during the day to meet people from all over the globe. Similarly, the clubs in Paris offer the opportunity to dance the night away with a man or woman of almost any ethnicity.

1. Rio de Janeiro

Anything goes in Rio. Visitors should head to Copacabana Beach on weekends to find Brazilians, in all their diversity, and global tourists, basking in the sun.

It is easy to strike up a conversation that can lead to a meeting later in the evening. Cariocas (the name given to people who live in Rio) love to dance, so it is wise to take a date to one of the many popular discos along the beach. Variety is the spice of life and Rio has so much of it to offer. Enjoy!

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