In order to keep your lesbian love life flourishing, spicy, and alive, you need to take matters into your hands. Here are seven things you should do to keep your lesbian love life spicy.

7. Let the Compliments Flow

Give your woman compliments about her body, makeup, clothes, jewelry, hair, and anything else you can think of. A woman greatly appreciates compliments, especially compliments coming from her significant other. There’s no better way to brighten your love’s day than giving her compliments.

6. Pull out the Plastic

Now and then, let your lady be best friends with your credit or debit card. There is nothing wrong with setting limits on spending, but give her time to herself to go shopping. Shopping can be therapeutic for many women.

5. Open Your Mind to New Things

Every once in a while, it’s okay to step out of the box of ordinary and try new things. Whether you are experimenting with food, intimacy or a special hobby you both have, switch things up and do something that’s new for both of you.

4. Flowers Go a Long Way

Flowers mean more to a woman than you think. Giving a woman flowers is one indication that you are thinking of her, and every woman likes to be on someone’s mind. Flowers are pretty, and most of them smell great. When you lover looks at the flowers, she will think of you and smile.

3. Go Out of Your Way to Make Your Woman Feel Special

Every day is a special day because your lady is special, so don’t be afraid to let her know it. Sometimes, a woman gets off track, whether it is due to work or other things, and she doesn’t have a lot of time to herself. It is your job to make your woman feel like she is one special person. Let your lover know how lucky you are to have her.

2. Take a Trip now and then

You don’t have to take a trip to England or France, unless you want to. Going somewhere, such as the beach or out of state is a great way to show your lady a good time and enjoy spending time together. Visit places you both can create and share memories, whether it’s a new place for both of you or one of you. Spending time with your lover means a lot more than you realize.

1. Let Her Know You Appreciate Her

When a woman feels appreciated, the sky is the limit. A woman who feels appreciated can achieve great things. By letting your woman know you appreciate the things she does, it means you pay attention to her hard work and effort. When a woman’s hard work and effort is noticed, she knows that she’s doing something right and making you happy. What’s better than knowing you mean something to your spouse? Don’t hesitate to let your woman know how much you appreciate her and the things she does.


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