If you are LGBT and looking to get into the dating world, it can quickly become overwhelming–especially if you do not know where to begin. Finding the right partner in any online dating world can be tricky, regardless of your experience in meeting others online for friendships and even relationships. Having a few ideas on how to get started when dating as a gay man or woman on or offline can help to adjust to a new set of rules and ideas when getting to know one another and potentially finding a long-term partner.

Consider What You Are Looking For

Consider the type of relationship you are most interested in before creating online dating profiles. If you are simply looking for friends or short-term relationships, this is important to state up-front. It is also important to determine the best type of relationship for you at the time, to ensure you do not feel overwhelmed or pressured on going on dates or meeting new people immediately upon registering for an online dating website or application.

Use Smart Applications

If you are thinking of downloading and installing applications for meeting other LGBT individuals in your area, be sure to do so by utilizing a safe, anonymous, and protected application. It is also important to research the type of applications you want to use to ensure they are not solely for ‘hookups” and nothing more.

Make Your Intentions Clear

Always make your intentions clear when you begin talking with a new partner, even if your profile states you are not interested in a long-term relationship, hook-ups, or any other type of relationship. The more honest you are able to be up front with those you are talking to, the less time you will need to spend talking with others who are disrespectful to your wishes and from those who are only looking to “have a good time” when using the apps themselves.

The more you know about being in-touch with yourself, wants, and needs when dating, the easier it becomes to find other individuals with the same types of lifestyles and desires. Being open, honest, and sincere still holds true whether you are looking for a quick hook-up or if you have your heart set on a long-term relationship with your partner.

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