Online dating is no longer the exception; it’s become the rule in the 21st century. However, online dating comes with risks unpleasant experiences. These 10 tips, ranked in importance, help you enjoy better–and safer–dating, particular when using online dating sites.

How to Have a More Enjoyable Dating Life

10. Trust your instincts. If you get any “bad feelings” during early communications (online) or observation (in-person), listen to your instincts. They are often well-founded.

9. Protect your personal information at first. Don’t offer any personal, e.g.home address, information during early communication. Be skeptical at first and protect your potential “tracking” information.

8. Use a different email address. Online dating sites often provide anonymous email ability. If you move from this stage, set up another email account, bypassing your regular email address.

7. Use cell phones to communicate. When you’re ready to begin phone chats, don’t provide your home phone number–ever. Offer a cell phone number or an anonymous phone service provider.

6. Avoid married people. According to MSNBC up to 30 percent of those using online dating services are married. Even if other persons disclose this information, it displays only problematic honesty, possibly hiding a critical character flaw.

5. Spot character problems during communications. Character issues may not be dangerous, but project less than enjoyable dating experiences. Does the other person hint a need to be in control? Lack a sense of humor? Quick to anger? Do you really want to start a dating relationship with someone having annoying habits or behaviors?

4. Request recent photos only. Don’t be shy. Ask if the dating site photo is recent. How recent is it? Why wait until meeting in=person to learn if your dating partner is honest or lying about their appearance. Although physical appearances are “superficial,” lying is not.

3. Depend on paid dating sites. If you choose to use online dating services, consider using fee-based sites only. Free dating services increase the odds of meeting someone with less-than-honest motives, not to mention dangerous persons meeting future “targets.”

2. Never assume your information is secure. While you should never assume your personal information is secure at any site, do not assume a prospective dating partner is offering accurate information. Even those dating services that perform background checks on members, provide no more than a false sense of security.

1. First dates should always be in public places. Only schedule first dates in public places, particularly if you’ve yet to have a face-to-face meeting with someone. Your first date will reveal a great deal about the other person, not necessarily positive information. Also, make sure friends and family know where you’re going and with whom.

You must protect yourself from unenjoyable or dangerous dating experiences. Using these tips helps ensure a rewarding, safe dating life. There are no guarantees you’ll like the other person, but you’ll be safe and have done your protection homework.

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