You’ve probably heard it from everyone – college is the best time of your life; time to discover yourself and become the successful adult your parents raised you to be. It’s all true, but college, especially your first year, is primarily the time to have fun.

Below are 10 dating tips for your freshman year, geared toward getting some experience that will allow you to have a successful long-term relationship when the time is right. Hint – the time is NOT right when you just turned 18, are out of your parents’ house and have four years of the most freedom you’ll ever have stretched out before you.

  1. Expand your social horizons. Maybe you thought going to football games was lame in high school, or you thought joining a club was a waste of time. In college, the social dynamic is entirely different, and by trying something new you may meet new people you can’t find hiding out in your dorm room playing video games.
  2. Do NOT date someone living in the same dorm. Drama. You basically live with that person.
  3. Do not settle. Plenty of fish in the sea after all – and you will probably never, ever be as attractive as you are now.
  4. If you do not speak face-to-face, while sober, you are not dating. If the only things the two of you do are hook up in the corner at a house party after a few shots or awkwardly flirt via text – you are not dating. Don’t be crushed when the other person starts ignoring you after a month.
  5. Hands off your roommate’s sibling, cousin, best friend, or for Christ’s sake, parent. Anyone remotely related to your roommate is again…drama.
  6. While not a hard and fast rule, you are better off avoiding someone from your home town. Even if you are a student at a local community college and live in your mom’s basement, you can still meet people outside of your previous home-town bubble.
  7. Cliche but true – Be yourself. It is a waste of time to try and get someone to like a weird, enhanced version of you. If you spent your Monday night drinking beer and watching old Law & Order reruns – own it. Don’t waste your time with someone who wouldn’t like you if they really knew you.
  8. Be safe. You never know where someone’s been.
  9. Don’t forget your friends. Maybe you fall in love…don’t forget to give each other some breathing room and live your own life.
  10. Finally, just don’t. Seriously dating someone your freshman year of college is like winning the lottery at 20 and hoarding your millions away until you’re 65. You’re wasting a gift of unlimited freedom and potential to discover who you are and who you want to be with.
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