Blind dates can be both fun and dangerous. While many find an evening out with a complete stranger exciting, some experience the tragic side of going out with someone they hadn’t previously met through a family member or friend. When planning an evening with someone you don’t know, you should always err on the side of safety and take advantage of every precautionary measure available. Here are ten things you should never do before going on a blind date.

10.) Never use a random Internet site.

Thousands prowl the Internet everyday in hopes of finding “the one” with whom they will spend the rest of their lives with. Thousands more search the Web in hopes of finding gullible people of whom they can take advantage. Don’t be the gullible one! Only use Internet dating sites established by credible agencies.

9.) Never share too much information before the big day.

Telephone conversations that describe your facial features are okay. Emails that feature pictures of you only wearing undergarments is a bit much. Remember that this will be your first date with the mystery person.

8.) For Girls: Don’t be the first to suggest a place.

He is taking you out so he should be the one to tell you about a cool place that he knows of downtown. Only suggest your favorite restaurant if he asks.

7.) For Guys: Don’t be cheap.

Suggest a place that you believe she will enjoy, and not a spot that is solely easy on your pockets.

6.) Never suggest a bar or movie theater.

It is a known fact that movie theaters are dark and bars sell alcohol. You don’t want either of these elements on a blind date.

5.) Never leave home without money.

Even if he is suppose to pay for the evening, you never know what can happen. What if he forgets his wallet? What if he goes to the restroom and never returns? What if you take a cab and he never shows up? This is why you need to have enough money to last you through the night.

4.) Never turn off your cell phone.

Many count it as being rude to have a cell phone on during a date, but it’s only disrespectful when you’re texting or checking emails while the other party is trying to make conversation. There is nothing wrong with silencing your phone and having it in your pocket for easy access.

3.) Never give him or her directions to your place.

While many meet their soul mates on blind dates, yours may not be the case. Suggest a public meeting spot that is far enough to keep the potential drama away from your humble abode. Don’t go too far, though. The uninhabited desert is not the best meeting spot.

2.) Never agree to go to their place.

You always want to be in a place where multitudes of people can see what is taking place.

1.) Never go alone.

Always inform a family member or friend that you are going on a blind date, and tell them the exact location of the outing. If possible, have a loved one agree to be the one who observes the night’s activities from the next table.

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