When you initially set out to spend the rest of your life with another person, you never expect that one day, you could feel differently about the one you chose. However, over time, it is completely possible to start to see the union you have created start to fray. Here are ten signs that your marriage is coming apart at the seams.

10. Fun, What’s That?

Remember when you first got together? You could make even the most dull and mundane event into something enjoyable. When things are starting to turn sour, good times can become almost nonexistent.

9. So Tired of Arguing About the Same Thing

In a healthy relationship, you are going to disagree–it is normal. However, when you cannot move beyond disagreements and continually argue over the same thing, it is an indicator that you are not working together for resolution.

8. Other People Intrude

When two people are truly as one, there are few things anyone can do to get between them. If other people are being allowed to intrude and cause problems, it is a sign of definite weakness in the fabric of your marriage.

7. Head to Head

The best marriages involve two people who stand together on everything. If you find that you can never meet eye to eye, it may always feel like you are standing against each other.

6. Tit for Tat

Marriage is not about keeping score. It isabout working together to move beyond your differences. If someone feels the need to always keep score, it means that there is something unfair about the marriage.

5. Roommate Syndrome

If your partner feels more like a roommate than your spouse, this is not a good sign and does not happen over night.

4. King/Queen of Resentment

One person in the relationship is so resentful that it makes it difficult to communicate or be happy. This can be very hard to move past in a relationship.

3. Lack of Affection

All of that love that you have at the start of a relationship will slowly dissipate when you have been together for a long time. However, an almost complete absence of affection and intimacy is a bad sign.

2. Emotional Investments in the Wrong People

If either partner in the relationship is investing their time and emotions in another person, it is an indication that something has gone terribly wrong.

1. Communication is Null and Void

Communication is one of the most important factors in a relationship. You could be talking all day long, but never really communicate. Lack of true emotional connection is the number one sign that your marriage is in trouble.

None of these signs, even if there are more than one, is cause for the two of you to call it quits. With dedication, therapy, and the right attitude, even the most torn relationships can be mended.


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