Getting married in Vegas is a popular trend among American couples today. The quick, easy and inexpensive weddings make sense to people with busy lives who want to save money. This does not mean they have to forgo excitement; to the contrary, a Vegas wedding has more to offer than a traditional one.

5. Have Elvis Preside Over the Vows!
The King of Rock and Roll still lives in Vegas. Nowhere outside of his hometown of Memphis will you see more paraphernalia emblazoned with Elvis’ image.

Vegas is perhaps the only place where Elvis can be the official minister over your wedding. Most of the chapels in the city have at least one minister who goes by the name and wears the same slick outfits that made women all over the world swoon.

These weddings are 100% legal in all fifty states.

4. Visit the Cities of the World Replicated on the Vegas Strip.
Each of the major hotel districts on the main strip has a theme related to a major international city. Visitors can spend time in all of them even if not staying at the particular hotel. Paris has an Eiffel Tower and bread shops. Venice has a water canal. The gondola ride in “Venice” is a must do for lovers either before or after the wedding.

It is also a good idea to have the wedding and then remain in Vegas for the honeymoon. Couples can save money by visiting all of the replicas of these cities rather than doing it in reality.

3. Get the Marriage License at the County Courthouse.
Despite all of the fun surrounding Vegas weddings, city authorities take the proceedings very seriously. The ministers are highly regulated. It is also mandatory to file for a license at the county courthouse to make the marriage official.

2. While Getting the License, Spend Time on Fremont Street, the Home of Old Las Vegas.
Don’t let the paperwork get you down. First, it is all quick and easy. Second, while downtown, you should walk over to Fremont Street. This revitalized part of Vegas is where the action used to be prior to the completion of the modern hotel strip. Prices are a lot cheaper here and some say the slot machines are looser than those on the strip!

1. Ride to the Top of the Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck for an Aerial View of the City.
Last, it is a must for anyone getting married in Vegas to ride to the top of this city landmark. From there, you and your lover will have a romantic 360-degree view of the place where you stated your vows.

A Vegas wedding can be the start of a long-standing relationship.The fun is something you will always remember.

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