A good sense of humor is valuable in a good relationship. Here are some 10 good, safe, and fun jokes to play on your partner.

10. Fake poop – Always a fun one! Fake poop, if done well, can look quite real, and look quite disgusting to the right person. As a bonus, you can make it even more distressing for your partner by having your kid (if you have one) pick it up and play with it. Sheer horror!

9. Fake spider – A lot of people dislike spiders for some strange reason (would you rather have bugs??), but if you’re not one of them, you can really take advantage of that fear. A fake spider – big or small – is sure to get an easy rise out of someone.

8. Fly in the ice cube – A gross out prank if there ever was one. Simply place this fake infested ice cube in your partner’s drink, and see what they really think about flies!

7. Trick candles – A classic annoyance. Light these on your partner’s cake, and watch as they blow and blow, ,but to no avail. This is because they are designed to never fizzle out simply by blowing, so you might find your partner to be quite out of breath before they eventually give up.

6. Halloween pranks – This one is more of a general thing than the others. There are a bevy of different things you can do to prank your partner on Halloween, such as a fake hand, fake snakes (or real, whatever floats your boat), or fake injuries. Just make sure they never accidentally get real!

5. Fake rock – You’re just standing there, and all of a sudden, someone tosses you a rock! Your first instinct is to cower, but much to your surprise, it’s soft as foam. That’s because it is foam! A bit of a mean joke, but one where you can say “no harm no foul.”

4. Ball bearings + wine glasses + gift box = hilarious – If your partner is someone who is wont to shake their gifts, this is the perfect one. Once they shakes this one, they will be downright terrified. Don’t leave them hanging for too long, though – leaving them hanging just makes it a bit too mean!

3. Halloween pranks

2. Whoopie cushion – Most jokes are pretty tired, but some – like the whoopie cushion – are so old that people forget to expect them. The look on their face is priceless!

1. Clear plastic on door – An easy one, and one that they will never expect. Just put clear plastic across a doorway, and watch as they bump harmlessly – but confusedly – right into it.

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