They say that modern matchmaking is made simple with the Internet. They tell you that applicants are screened and you will be matched with people who are compatible. They say that this is much better than endless blind dates with people you just don’t like. However, dating sites have not changes one simple fact. There will always be scumbags in the dating world and they are just as apparent online as in the real world. The only unfortunate thing is online you may not spot a scumbag as fast as you would if you were face-to-face. Learning to detect a scumbag online comes down to ten simple signs.

10. If the personal ad or profile you are reading sounds too good to be true, there is a good chance that it is. Use your gut instincts and remember this golden rule when you are skimming profiles on a dating site.

9. The profile picture used is either out of focus or completely absent and the person finds constant excuses for just why this is the case. This could indicate that you are dealing with someone who is extremely lacking in self-confidence or has something to hide.

8. Googling the name of a certain person on a dating site leads you to numerous complaints from other prospective daters who have been snubbed by this scoundrel.

7. If you consistently find discrepancies in what a person tells you about their life, this would be a pretty fair bet that there is some down and dirty storytelling taking place.

6. You search a profile image to find that the same guy/girl is all over the Internet, which may mean that this is not the person you are dealing with at all. However, this could also be indicative of number five.

5. The person you find online is listed on every other dating site across the web. Most people who are serious about dating will only register for a few places at most and take it from there.

4. Be aware of profiles that have been lingering on a site for several years. Scumbags make it a habit of the old bait, catch, release trick. Reeling in dates, taking advantage of them, and then quickly moving on to more dates.

3. If the only thing an interested party wants to talk about is what you are wearing or when you can hook up, there is a good chance you have nabbed a scumbag.

2. You have been asked on more than one occasion about your finances. This is usually a good sign of a special breed, known as the “goldigging” scumbag.

1. A quick name search on social media shows the interested party pictured with spouse and family. This should sound the scumbag alarm in the back of your mind.

The fact is, online people can easily create a persona completely different than who they really are. When you keep these ten things in mind, that scumbag should be easy to spot.


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