It is unfortunate, but everyone who wants to make it in this life must work to get by. Even though you have to work, spending your days slaving away in a job that you hate is not good in any way. Indicators that you need to move on and get a different job do not usually just show up all at once, but things can go downhill over time until you are stuck in a rut and are in desperate need of a change. Here are ten signs it is time to quit your job and move on.

10. If you are constantly feeling bored while you are at work, it is a god sign that you are over qualified for what you are doing at work.

9. You find that your first thought when you wake daily is how much you are dreading the day ahead of you because of your job.

8. Everyday more responsibility is being added to your shoulders, but you get no extra pay or commendation in return.

7. If your boss is an impossible person who turns your stomach with just one look, it is best to move out of the department or onto a different employer. These situations rarely ever end well.

6. You are having a hard time leaving work behind when you hit the time clock at the end of the day and it is not because you are having such good days.

5. Your job is causing you so much stress that it is imposing on your personal relationships and even causing arguments at home. Your job should not be the root of most of your stress.

4. Without medication for anxiety and depression, you cannot bare the thought of heading to your place of employment for another day.

3. Your coworkers are all working against you, not with you, and no one will do anything to make it change. This is not what team work is all about.

2. You have been told that you could be replaced in a minute and no one seems to appreciate what you can bring to the table. It is best that you take your services where you will be appreciated.

1. You become so preoccupied with leaving your job that you cannot even focus while you are there. All you can think about is how many creative ways you could get fired.

From time to time, everyone faces the dilemma of being stuck in a job they do not like. However, hanging onto a job that you hate for an extended period of time is not healthy for your mind or body. Besides, it is always much better to walk out than get fired, even if it would be a lot of fun.

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