Christmas is such a romantic time of year, and it’s the perfect time of year for a wedding. Even though the weather outside may be frightful, the beauty of season is delightful. As you’re planning the decorations for your holiday wedding, keep these helpful decorating tips in mind.

8 – Consider Choosing a Christmas Theme

Since you’re having a holiday wedding, you have many wonderful themes from which you can choose. Consider centering your décor around a holiday theme, such as candy canes, snowflakes, angels, gingerbread houses, snowmen or Christmas trees. Of course, you can always incorporate several of these themes together, such as combining snowflakes and snowmen.

7 – Add Luminaries Outside Your Ceremony Venue

Purchase or make your own luminaries to line the walkway outside the entrance to your ceremony venue if you’re having an evening wedding. They offer the perfect greeting to your guests, and they’ll be the perfect backdrop for gorgeous wedding photos too.

6 – Hang Mistletoe Above the Entrance to the Reception Venue

Hang a large mistletoe arrangement right above the entrance to the reception venue. It’s the perfect way to add some seasonal décor to the reception, and you’ll have another excuse to stop for another kiss. A post-wedding kiss under the mistletoe is sure to make a perfect photo.

5 – Use Crystal for Ice-Like Table Centerpieces

Crystal centerpieces are the perfect choice for your reception tables, since the crystal looks just like ice. Crystal bowls filled with floating candles will look amazing. You can fill crystal vases with seasonal flowers, or you can create centerpieces with crystal snowmen or crystal Santa figurines.

4 – Decorate Christmas Trees in Your Wedding Colors

Every holiday wedding needs at least one Christmas tree. If you really want to play up the season, consider decorating several Christmas trees. It’s nice to have one tree at the ceremony venue, and you can add several beautifully decorated trees to your reception venue. Decorate the trees in your wedding colors, which will make them fit in with the rest of your wedding décor.

3 – Line the Aisle with White Lights

When you walk down the aisle in your wedding dress, you want that walk to feel magical. Lining the aisle with white lights is a perfect option, especially if you are having a candlelight ceremony. The lights also light the aisle for guests, since the lighting will be dim.

2 – Project Snowflakes on the Wall for a Frosty Look

Transform your reception area into a frosty, winter wonderland by projecting snowflakes on the walls. Add to the frosty look by adding blue uplighting, which will really make the snowflakes stand out. This works best if you’ll be dining by candlelight at your reception.

1 – Go Beyond Traditional Christmas Colors

Red and green are traditional Christmas colors, and they’ll look amazing at a Christmas wedding. However, you don’t have to stick with those traditional holiday colors. Other beautiful color combinations to consider for your holiday wedding include red and champagne, forest green and gold, silver and blue, and cream and gold.

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