When you are single, meeting someone new can be difficult. You may have tried being set up by friends, and it didn’t work. You may have tried internet dating, and failed miserably. What you may have not yet tried, are places in and around your community.

A Local Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a good place to meet people because they are so busy. There are people coming and going from coffee shops throughout the entire day. When you go to a coffee shop to meet someone, do not bring anything to distract you. If someone comes into the coffee shop, and finds you attractive, they will walk right by if you seem to busy reading a book or working on your laptop. Find a seat by the door, and glance up and say hello or smile to customers of the opposite sex who you find attractive. The worst that can happen is they do not smile or say hello back. You have nothing to lose.

Take a Course at a Community College

Taking a course at a community college is a great way to meet someone. Not only will you be furthering your education in something that you are interested in, you also have the opportunity to meet someone who shares your interests. When you meet someone that you are interested in, you can ask them to study with you, or get a cup of coffee after class. These are great ways to get to know each other better.

Have a Night Out With Friends

Going out with friends is a great way to meet people. Not only are you out and about, you also have your friends around for moral support. Going to dinner, to a sports bar, or even bowling are all great places. You want to avoid going to the movies. It is dark and quiet in the theater, so unless you can meet someone in the popcorn line, you don’t have much of a chance of meeting someone.


No matter where you live, there are likely plenty of places to volunteer your time to help the less fortunate. Volunteering is a great way to meet quality people. Anyone who is willing to take time out of their lives, is someone worth meeting.

An Exercise Class

If you are into fitness, an exercise class is a great way to meet someone who is also fitness minded. Going to the gym and hoping to meet someone who is working out on their own is a bad idea. When most people are working out in the gym, they are in “the zone”, and do not want to be bothered. Exercise classes are more social.

Meeting people is not as difficult as you may think. You can get lucky and meet the person of your dreams in line at the supermarket, while you are pumping your gas, or while returning a book to the library. If you do not want to leave it up to fate, consider one of the places listed above. You will have a really good chance of meeting someone great.

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