Taking someone on a date is getting expensive. We all want to impress our lovers, but the prices are making it seemingly impossible to date anymore. For those facing this predicament, here are the top five memorable dating ideas for people on a budget.

5. Walk Through the Botanical Gardens

These green spaces are natural wonders. Full of lush flowers and plants, it is hard for visitors not to fall in love. It is refreshing to visit a botanical garden on a hot day. The cool environment, usually complemented by colorful fountains, will be a nice way to spend time with a lover and beat the summer heat.

Admission to a botanical garden is usually cheap and sometimes free. Yet, the rich foliage will make your lover think you spent a fortune. Walking through the long rows of greenery hand-in-hand will be something neither of you will ever forget.

4. See a Matinee Movie

Going out to the cinema is not cheap in today’s economy. If the price of the ticket does not break you, the exorbitant cost of the popcorn and other concessions will. Yet, theaters do offer deals.

Matinee tickets, usually available prior to 4pm, are a fraction of the regular price. It is a good idea to take a day off from work and go to the matinee during the week. On the weekends, the lines are long and sometimes the matinee rate is unavailable.

During the week, theaters are fairly empty. The time alone, watching a new release, will be priceless. Share a large popcorn to save some more dollars. This also gives you the chance to touch hands when they meet in the box!

3. Have a Picnic on a College Campus

Colleges usually have nice, manicured lawns. Students take these spaces for granted as they scurry along to classes. Lovers should take advantage of the chance to sit outdoors on a nice day and enjoy a quiet meal. The setting is even more enhanced if the school is the alma mater of either one of you.

2. Watch the Big Game at a Sports Bars

Ticket prices to most popular sports are quite high. Sitting at home, watching the playoffs or championships is fine, but sometimes you want to be in the middle of the excitement with a date.

Well, one way to be involved in the party atmosphere of a major sporting event, without spending much money, is to go to a sports bar near the venue. The game will undoubtedly be playing on a large-screen television. Plus, the crowd will all be focused on the game with the same intensity of those in the stands.

Buy a pitcher of beer, some hot wings and an order of nachos, and relax. You and your date will always be able to recall the night you virtually attended the big game!

1. Use Frequent Flyer Miles or Guest Loyalty Points For a Free Hotel Stay

Tell your lover that a weekend getaway is right around the corner. Then, call the hotel reservation number and use those points you have been saving for a rainy day to book a nice, plush room.

With the money saved, you can now splurge on a dinner in the hotel restaurant. Even better, you can order room service. Turn on a channel playing old romantic movies and the atmosphere for success is set.


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