More than 40-million people in the United States use online dating sites hoping to find a soulmate. With so many possibilities, you need profile that attracts that one special person and the top 10 tips for meeting your soulmate online.

10. Set aside a few hours to create your profile

Answer all the questions thoughtfully and gear those answers toward your potential soulmate, not your friends or coworkers.

9. List hobbies that include others

When you list your interests as reading, surfing the web and sketching, viewers cannot see how they will fit into your life. Give the reader an opportunity to visualize time spent with you bicycling or playing cards.

8. Keep it short

Keep your life story short and briefly outline what you want in a relationship. Telling your entire life experience will turn people off.

7. Leave the past behind

Never discuss past relationships in your profile. Writing about the loser you met on an online dating site will chase your soulmate away. Focus on the moment.

6. Personalize your email

When you send an introductory email to a potential soulmate, add a comment or question about something written in his or her profile. This shows the person you have a genuine interest in meeting them. Also, be sensual, not blatantly sexual in your emails.

5. Draw a picture with your words

Write about your real hobbies and interests in ways that make them uniquely yours. If you work with wood as a hobby, tell a short funny story about the worst project you ever completed and one about the project you are most proud of. Your words will ring with the true-life experience only you can describe.

4. Be careful what you wish for

When describing your vision of a soulmate, use specifics. The more specific your description, the better chance your soulmate will find you. Avoid phrases like:

  • Looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Wonderful
  • Single and looking for a date who has a sense of humor
  • Looking for someone to share some fun with

3. Always be positive

Talking negatively about your looks, personality or life never attracts your soulmate. You will attract people who will dim your light. Negativity also signals to others that you come with too much baggage for them to handle.

2. Do not lie

Your soulmate wants to meet the real you, not the person you want to be or the person you were 10-years ago. Describe your likes, dislikes and other information honestly or you may meet the wrong person and miss your soulmate.

1. Picture perfect

You should only use your high school senior picture as your profile picture if you just graduated from high school.

Post current pictures of you in natural poses. You can post a picture of you at your favorite place if your face appears in focus and looks like you. Wearing too much make-up or angling your head up or down can deceive your soulmate and ruin your first meeting.

You want to show up for your first date looking like your profile picture and have conversation based on your profile information.


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